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Sustaining Members

1      AFP Mutual Benefit Association, Inc.

2      AIA Philippines Life and General Insurance Corp.

3      AIG Philippines Insurance Inc.

4      Anchor Insurance Brokerage Corp.

5      AXA Philippines Life and General Insurance Corp. 

     Etiqa Life & General Assurance Philippines Inc.

7      BDO Life Assurance Company, Inc.

8      BPI- AIA Life Assurance Corporation

9      BPI/MS Insurance Corporation

10    Cibeles Insurance Corp.

11    Commonwealth Insurance Co.

12    Fortune General Insurance Corp.

13    FPG Insurance Co., Inc.

14    Government Service Insurance System

15    Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd.

16    Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.

17    Manulife Phils. 

18    Oona Insurance

19    Maxicare Life Insurance Corporation

20    Metropolitan Insurance Co., Inc.

21    National Reinsurance Corp. of the Phils.

22    Pacific Cross Insurance Inc. 

23    Perla Compania De Seguros

24    Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corp.

25    Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corp.

26    Pioneer Life, Inc.

27    Pru Life of UK

28    Starr International Insurance (Philippine Branch)

29    Sunlife Grepa Financial

30    Sunlife of Canada (Phils.,) Inc.

31    COCOGEN Insurance Inc.

32   United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corp.

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