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  Unlock your full potential

   through learning.   


A. Basic Courses


1.    Basic Non-Life Insurance Course

2.    Basic Life Insurance Course

3.    Basic Microinsurance Course

B. Intermediate and Advanced Courses


1.    Intermediate Course on Fire (Property) Insurance

2.    Intermediate Course on Marine Insurance

3.    Intermediate Course on Miscellaneous Casualty Insurance

4.    Intermediate Course on Reinsurance

5.    Advanced Course on Fire Insurance

6.    Advanced Course on Marine Insurance

7.    Advanced Course on Miscellaneous Casualty Insurance

8.    Advanced Course on Motor Insurance

9.    Advanced Course on Accident and Health Insurance

10.  Advanced Course on Engineering Insurance

11.  Advanced Course on Loss Adjustment

12.  Business Interruption

13.  Insurance Claims

14.  Condominium Insurance

C. Accounting Courses  


1.    Principles and Practice of Non-Life Insurance Accounting 2.    Principles and Practice of Life Insurance Accounting

3.    Reinsurance Accounting


1.      Motor Claims

2.      Industrial All Risk

3.      Fraud in Fire Claims

4.      Personal Accident Claims

5.      Bond Claims

6.      Engineering Claims

7.      Fire Claims

8.      Sabotage and Terrorism

9.      Comprehensive General Liability

10.    Business Continuity Planning

11.    Effective Collection Techniques

12.    Fraud in Claims

13.    Setting Up a Tax Qualified Retirement Plan

14.    Claims Technician Course (in cooperation with AICLA)

15.    Basic Modern Motor Vehicle Systems and Collision Damage 

         Repair Estimating

16.    Basic HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Course

17.    Non-Life Insurance Course for Agents    

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