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Regular Members

1.Beneficial Life Insurance Co., Inc.

2.BDO Insurance Brokers Inc.

3.CBR Asia Reinsurance Brokers Inc.

4.CLIMBS Life and General Insurance

5.Corporate Guarantee & Insurance

6.Insurance Company of North America

7.Land Bank Insurance Brokerage Inc.

8.Lockton Philippines Insurance and Reinsurers

9.Mercantile Insurance Company

10.Milestone Guaranty & Assurance Corp.

11.Miravite Consulting Group

12.Pacific Union Insurance Company

13.Paramount Life & Gen. Insurance Corp.

14.People's General Insurance Corp.

15.PGA Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

16.Phil. British Assurance Co., Inc.

17.Phil. International Life Insurance Co., Inc.

18.Standard Insurance Co. Inc.

19.Sterling Insurance Co., Inc.

20.Unicon Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Corporation

21.United Life Assurance Corporation

22.Western Guaranty Corporation

23.Winebrenner & Inigo Ins. Brokers

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