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  Our Mentors


  Michael F. Rellosa    

Featured teacher of the week


Mr. Michael F. Rellosa is the President and Chief Operations Officer of Fortune General Insurance Corporation. He has served as Chairman of the influential ASEAN Insurance Council (AIC), a group composed of the top leaders of the insurance industry in the region. He is a passionate teacher who always looks forward to sharing his wealth of experience to young industry professionals.  

  Melinda Natividad  
  Roger Concepcion  
  Armand Pesigan  
  Jene Aliwalas  

Lecturers for 2018

1. Atty. Christopher Jay Sacluti

    Assistant Vice President

    FPG Insurance Co., Inc.

2, Atty. Elmer Nitura

    VP /Head Corp Governance

   SMART Communications Inc.

3. Atty. Florentino Garces

     Senior Vice President/Director

     Stronghold Insurance


4. Atty. Marciano Boongaling

    Executive Vice President

   BA Insight International Inc.


5. Atty. Miavelle Latosa

   Vice President

   Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corp.


6. Atty. Noel Salvador


    Plaridel Surety and Insurance Co. Inc.


7. Atty. Reynaldo Paris

    Assistant Vice President

    Pioneer Life Insurance


8. Atty. Ricardo Gloria, Jr.



9. Atty. Rodolfo Lat


    Chartered Adjusters Inc.

10. Dr. Joseph Everest Bungay


11. Dr. Pedro Benedicto Jr.


     Republic Surety and Insurance Co., Inc.


12. Engr. Bobby Widwidan, Jr.

      Risk Consultant

     IBMS Technology Phils., Corp.


13. Engr. Johnny Magbanua

      Risk & Insurance Specialist/Owner

      Capital Risk Insurance Services


14. Mr. Allan Unson

      Consultant/Vice President

      Intervest Insurance Agency/Veterans Bank


15. Mr. Alan Sta. Ana


      Phil. British Assurance Co.


16. Mr. Angeles Betito

      Vice President

       Prudential Guarantee and Assurance


17. Mr. Anthony Mark Sun

      Mapfre Reinsurance


18. Mr. Antonio Roderick Cabusao

     Head of Sales and Marketing

     Liberty Insurance Corporation


19. Mr. Ariel Meneses

     Head of Product Management

     EastWest Ageas Life Insurance Corp.


20. Mr. Albertito Kalagayan

     Co-owner/Managing Director

     ECI Insurance Agency


21. Mr. Armando Bongco


      Ateneo Center for Continuing Studies


22. Mr. Armando Malabanan



23. Mr. Arnold Sauz

       Asst. Vice President

       Philippines First Insurance Co.


24. Mr. Ben Gubat



25. Mr. Bryan Joseph Ermac


      Stevens Adjusters Inc.


26. Mr. Carlos Yturzaeta



27. Mr. Christopher Marquez

      Vice President - Underwriting

      Fortune General Insurance Corp.


28. Mr. Crescencio Mercader, Jr.

      Manager, Risk and Insurance Dept.

      Solaire Hotel and Casino


29. Mr. Dominador Hular



30. Mr. Edgardo Betito

      Senior Vice President

      Prudential Guarantee and Assurance 


31. Mr. Edward Bourbon C. Salunson

       Assistant Manager

      Machinery Management Service Corp.


32. Mr. Efren Villanueva

      Senior Manager

      Philippine Japan Surveyor and

     Sworn Adjustment


33. Mr. Eleazer Lualhati

      Head of Property & Engineering

     QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippines, 

34. Mr. Elmer Jose        

      Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ins. Brokers


35.  Mr. Ernesto Reyes    

        Actuarial Consultant    

        ERR Consultancy Service

36.   Mr. Erwin Sadorra        

         FWD Life Insurance

37.   Mr. Frank Ramos    


         PNB General Insurance Co., Inc.


38.   Mr. George Francisco    



39.   Mr. Gerardo Papa    



40.   Mr. Guillermo Pureza    


         BPI/MS Insurance


41.   Mr. Honesto Franz Maximillian Nuqui, Jr.        


42.    Mr. Joey Dalanon    


          Senon Adjusters

43.   Mr. Januario Aliwalas    

         Executive Director    



44.   Mr. Jeffrey Lacson    

         Chief Financial Officer

         QBE Seaboard Insurance


45.   Mr. Jessie Rigor    

         Agency Training Development    

        Pru Life UK


46.   Mr. Jesus Sanie Dosdos    

        Vice President  Non-Life Division    

        CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative


47.  Mr. Jose Luis Moreno    



48.  Mr. Juanito Hernandez    

        Senior Vice President    

        Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc


49.   Mr. Kent Cotoco    

        Executive Vice President    

        Oriental Assurance Corp.


50.   Mr. Lawrence Rodriguez    

        Automotive Technician Training Head    

        Don Bosco Technical Institute


51.   Mr. Leandro Estrera    

        Senior Vice President    

        SGI Philippines General Insurance


52..   Mr. Leonel Mercado    


         Blubright Insurance Agency, Inc.


53.   Mr. Manuel Quijano    

        VP and COO    

        Lockton Philippines Insurance

        & Reinsurance Brokers, Inc.


54.   Mr. Manuel Maloles    

         Vice President    

         Fortune General Insurance


55.   Mr. Martin Dela Rosa    

         Vice President    

         MAA General Assurance Phils., Inc.


56.   Mr. Matias Simbulan    

         Philippine Representative    

        Willis Reinsurance UK


57.   Mr. Melecio Mallillin    


        Mercantile Insurance Co 25.    


58.     Mr. Merton Deveza    


59.     Mr. Michael Rellosa    


          Fortune General Insurance Corp.


60.    Mr. Orlando Javier    



61.    Mr. Ramon Medina    

          Professor     29.    


62.    Mr. Raymundo Bautista Jr.    



63.    Mr. Raymundo Torres    

          Risk Consultant     

          Asterisk Risk and Insurance


64.    Mr. Robert Morris        


65.    Mr. Roberto Crisol    



66.    Mr. Roberto Crisologo    



67.    Mr. Rogelio Concepcion    

          General Manager    

          PIRA, Inc.

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