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Associate Members

1.     Allied Bankers Insurance Corporation    

2.     Alpha Insurance & Surety Co., Inc.

3.     Asia Insurance (Phils.) Corp.   

4.     Asia United Insurance Inc. 

5.     Association of Insurers and Reinsurers of

        Developing Countries (AIRDC)    

6.     Bethel General Insurance and Surety Corporation 

7.     BMB Insurance Brokers Inc.   

8.     CBC Chinabank Insurance Brokers, Inc.    

9.     Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc.    

10.   Chartered Adjusters Incorporated    

11.   1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines  

12.   Country Bankers Insurance Corp.    

13.   Country Bankers Life Insurance Corp.    

14.   Crawford & Co., Phils., Inc.    

15.   Cunningham Lindsey Phils.    

16.   Fortune Life Insurance Co., Inc.  

17.   Gotuaco, del Rosario Insurance Brokers Inc.

18.   Guevent Insurance Brokers Corporation
19.   Howden Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers, Inc. 

20.   Liberty Insurance Corporation  

21.   Money Hero Insurance Brokerage Inc.

22.   MAA General Assurance Phils., Inc.    

23.   Macondray Insurance Brokers Corporation    

24.    Manila Adjusters & Surveyors Co.    

25 .   National Confederation of Cooperative Mutual

          Benefit Associations (NATCCO)    

26.     Oriental Assurance Corporation    

27.     Philippines First Insurance Company, Inc.    

28.     Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corp.    

29.     Philpacific Insurance Brokers and Managers, Inc.    
30.     Premier Insurance & Surety Corp.    

31.     Prudential Guarantee & Assurance Inc.    

32.     Public Safety Mutual benefit Fund, Inc.    

33.     M Pioneer Insurance Inc.     

34.     Rodolfo Lat Law Office    

35.     Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc.    

36.     The New India Assurance co., Ltd.  

37.     Travellers Insurance Surety Corp.

38.     Trinity Insurance Brokers, Inc.    

39.     Visayan Surety and Insurance Corporation 

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